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Empowering women OFWs: Why we should and what it means for us

For International Women’s Month, we honor women OFWs who are making important sacrifices for themselves and their families Read More

Should you go abroad immediately after college? Here’s a handy guide

If you find yourself asking whether you should move abroad immediately after college, here are some tips from Workabroad to help you get started Read More

5 Easy Steps Para Maka-Enrol sa TESDA Free Online Learning Program

Nakakatulong ang free online learning programs tulad ng sa TESDA para madagdagan pa ang skills ng mga OFWs. Kung nais mo itong subukan, basahin ito para sa mga hakbang na kailangan gawin. Read More

Steps Kung Paano Makakakuha ng Special Power of a Attorney

Mahalagang requirement ang Special Power of Attorney (SPA) para maproseso ang documents o requests ng mga OFWs na nasa abroad. Sundin ang steps na ito para mas mapadali ang pagkuha nito. Read More

Get along with foreigners in four easy steps

To be an effective worker in a foreign country, you should practice empathy and people skills. Pakikisama is a predominantly Filipino trait - and an important life skill - that will go a long way. Read More

Here’s How You Can Stay Healthy While Working Abroad

Kung ikaw ay isang OFW na namumuhay mag-isa sa ibang bansa, kailangan ay mas doble ingat ka sa iyong kalusugan. Dahil sabi nga nila, "health is wealth." Read More

Three easy side hustles you can do while working abroad

Success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes discipline and passion to stick to your goals. Make time work for you, invest in yourself and commit to be better whichever side hustle you chose. Read More

Chismax like you’re back home

Get in touch with your chismax side and ask questions on entertainment, politics and other trending topics. Imagine this as your needed dose on telenovela, just like how Pinoys enjoy it. Read More

How to Stay Positive While Working Abroad

Staying driven and focused while working and living abroad can become difficult when loneliness and boredom creeps in. Here are some tips to stay motivated while working abroad. Read More

How You Can Help New OFWs

It’s hard to leave all you know and love and move to a different country, but millions of OFWs make that choice. Help new OFWs adjust to living and working abroad with these tips. Read More

Prevent Yourself from Catching Coronavirus

Coronavirus may be classified as a large group of viruses, but in health and solidarity, humans are larger than life. No virus is going to stop OFWs from working and providing for their family. Read More

Health Advice and Travel Guidelines for Coronavirus

Here’s what you should know about the symptoms, preventive measures, and travel guidelines related to the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV). Read More

Passport Renewal for Overseas Foreign Workers

With a dedicated OFW counter and the doing away of online appointments, passport renewal is now easier for overseas foreign workers—whether you’re abroad or in the Philippines. Here’s how. Read More

Here’s everything you need to know about the “total deployment ban” to Kuwait

Important facts and figures about the recent deployment ban and how it affects you Read More

20 New Year's Resolutions for 2020?—OFW Edition!

New year, new me na rin ba ang motto mo this 2020? Kung OFW ka, tiyak na may mga New Year’s resolutions dito na tutugma sa pangangailangan mo. Read More