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I made an account thru website

It's been a year since I got my first job abroad. It was just a dream for me before but now I am holding it tight and try not to let go :).
I am married already with one kid. My husband is working as an OFW in KSA and it really took time for me before I got his permission to work outside the country.
It is one of my goal to experience to work abroad and I told myself that I will not stop until I finally reach it. And yes! I made it. I am just blessed that my husband supported me all the way.
I made an account thru I tried my best and exert effort to checked which agency can help me to pursue it. And I am lucky enough that I chose IKON SOLUTIONS ASIA Inc. for my journey. It was just a quick one. I applied and sent email also to their account and after a week, I received a respond. I just believe that it's really meant for me. I did all my medical, requirements and waited my Visa for just one and a half month. Staffs are all nice, special mention to Ms.Meg whom first helped me to have the interview. It all went well. Now, It's been a year since I left PH. I am still hoping that one day if I will be needing help, they are still willing to hand their hands for me.
Thank you very much IKON! :)

Chrysette Anthonette M. Priolo
Front Office Executive