Saan Mo Gusto Pumunta?

Real-life OFWs share their aspirations, challenges, tips and personal experiences to fellow Filipinos wanting pursue a career overseas.


After more than 15 years of experience, Rowena De Leon was able to land a job as a pastry baker in Dubai, United Arab Emirates where she worked for 6 years with the hope to discover and develop her capabilities even further. Find out if her journey has been a piece of cake and where else she wants to go.


To sustain the needs of his growing family, Mareck Rustia wishes to go abroad again for the second time. He initially went to Saudi Arabia in 2007 and worked as an electrician. At first, he was uncertain about setting foot on foreign land, but eventually his doubts were appeased. Find out how and why.

Gym Instructor

It took Allan Salamanca 3 years to land his first overseas fitness career after a series of failed attempts. Find out what motivates him. Watch his story here.


10 years of working in Dubai, United Arab Emirates as an auto mechanic enabled Richard Eric Arnales to help his family survive the ebbs and tides. With much love for his kids, he aims to strive harder. Be inspired by Eric and learn from his experiences, watch his story.


Dannelly Suguitan is just one of the Filipino nurses who is willing to go places to serve and hone her skills further. How she leveraged her career abroad despite the tough competition and uncertainties, find out here.


Years back, scouting for overseas was harder than it is today. That is what Annabelle Pal, a singer in Japan for 6 years, realized according to her own experience. She plans to try her luck once again, now that she knows an easier way to pursue her dream.